Little Loser

I’m supposed to be at Bonifacio High Street for the David & Goliath Little Losers event but after getting dressed I still felt woozy. I hate having migraines because I can’t function properly. I try not to rely on painkillers too much, so I’ll probably rest after I upload photos for the unpublished blog posts I’ve yet to reveal.

I hope all the bloggers who are there enjoy the event 😀



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a new spot revealed

After my brother’s enrollment, we went to the South Supermarket complex at Westgate, Alabang to grab lunch then grab some groceries. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I noticed that the space previously occupied by Kitaro had a new tenant.

Upon closer inspection I saw photos of food items leaning against the glass walls. I realized it was SANGO! The Burger Master.

A snapshot taken with my mobile phone’s camera. Sango is the store with the door and glass walls partially covered with manila paper.

Sango! is a burger joint with a Japanese twist. It’s located at the Creekside Mall in Makati (near Makati Cinema Square) I love their Master Burger!

Whenever I go there with my family, we make sure to pass by co-op next door for more Japanese treats.

I’m happy I don’t have to go all the way to Makati just to eat at Sango.

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something green

Upon arrival in Bataan last Saturday, my friends and I decide to eat lunch at Chowking near the Centre Plaza Mall. I usually order something from Chowking when 1) my family is coming home late and I’m the only one hungry and 2) I’m hungry and I don’t want to cook, so I take a tricycle to the Chowking branch right outside our village.

I order my usual side dish: plain tofu. Lo and behold, my eyes widen when the waiter places the dish in front of me.


The chopped spring onion (?) is a welcome sight. I tell my friends, “I don’t get this in Manila!” Hahaha.

Two days later I order food to go from ChowKing again and when I get home I check the tofu: no green.

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Moving in

I’ve decided to move Yummyfied to WordPress in preparation for my future plans for the blog.

If you can recommend a good webhost, please leave a comment. I’d appreciate your input.


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